Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robbers Posing In Brooklyn As Utility Workers Caught On Video

There's another warning about robbers posing as utility workers and then ripping off elderly people.
It's happened again, this time in Brooklyn, and this time cops have surveillance video of the suspects.
The 89-year-old victim, Ruth, was afraid to open her door and afraid to leave her house.
"The sorrow is killing me. They took everything, cleaned out two drawers," Ruth said.
After 72 peaceful years in her Brooklyn home, Ruth was robbed last Friday.
Police say two people, a man and a woman, posed as Con Edison workers in order to get inside her home in the Ocean Parkway section.
"I can't believe this is happening to me in my old age," Ruth said.
The thieves got away with almost all of the jewelry Ruth's late husband gave her and $1,000 in cash that she'd planned to use to pay her heating oil bill.
"My bedroom was a shambles my mattress was upside down, he even took a pillowcase and filled it up with my jewelry and everything," Ruth said.
Ruth says the woman had official-looking binders and insisted that Ruth, who is blind in one eye and uses a cane, walk her to the back of the house to the utility pole.
"She said, 'Well I can't go there unless you come with me,'" Ruth said.
As Ruth struggled to walk down the narrow path to the backyard, the man posing as the utility worker ransacked her bedroom.

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