Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reb Elyah and the transistor radio

Reb Elyah one stopped to talk to a man who was listening to a small, black transistor radio. Loud music was booming from it. Reb Elyah asked with feigned astonishment, “What, this machine plays music and is not connected to an electric plug?” the fellow nodded affirmatively.

Reb Elyah then added, “But if a screw inside is missing the radio won’t play, right?” The man gave another affirmative nod.

Reb Elyah then cried out in a loud voice, “If so, why is it so hard to believe that by means of a small black box placed on our foreheads (Tefillin), we receive Kedusha from Heaven, without any visible lines of connections!

“How do they work? Only because of what is inside them, the parchments that have verses of Torah written on them. Every verse has to be written as prescribed, and if even one small detail is lacking, even the point of the letter Yud, the Tefillin cannot work anymore and the flow of Kedusha stops!” 

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