Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rabbi Aharon Kotler and the Toll Booth Attendant

The bachurim would take turns driving the Rosh Yeshiva - Rabbi Aharon Kotler back and forth from Lakewood and New York each week. They considered this chore an honor more than a duty. A bachur retold, that while driving the Rosh Yeshiva, when they approached the toll booth, Reb Aharon told him not to go to the exact automated toll lane, but rather go to the live person booth, which was a much longer line and wait. Surprised the bachur asked the Rosh Yeshiva why? Reb Aharon replied, “How do you think the man must feel as he stands at his booth, and sees cars going through the other booth that is controlled by a machine? Better that we should spend some more time on line, than we should belittle the honor of any human being!”

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