Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rabbi Yaakov Kassin and his Rebbe Rabbi Avraham Ades

Before Rabbi Yaakov Kassin was married (he married at 18 ½), one night he had a dream. He went to his Rebbe - Rabbi Avraham Ades, to tell him his dream - that he went up to Shamayim, and learnt Torah with the Rambam. Rabbi Avraham Ades told him, “The Rambam looked like this, and wore a hat like this.” Rabbi Yaakov Kassin answered, "Yes". Then Rabbi Yaakov Kassin asked his Rebbe, “And how did you know that?” Rabbi Avraham Ades answered him, “Every night I go up to Shamayim and learn Torah will the Rambam, Rashba and other Rishonim.” 

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