Wednesday, November 25, 2015

‘You have no idea what a gift you are giving’: Father who took his nine-year-old girl for breakfast after she begged him to spend time with her receives touching anonymous note.

A father who went to a coffee shop with his daughter didn't think twice when she asked him to put down his newspaper and stop reading his emails so they could just 'be together'.
However, a teacher who watched him attentively spending the morning with her was so touched by the sight that she left him a heartfelt note, saying 'you have no idea the gift you are giving'.
The teacher said she left the note anonymously to David Rosenman in the coffee shop after working in a school where many daughters don't have fathers, and have no idea what it is like to have someone devote their time to them
Mr Rosenman then posted the note on Facebook and was shocked by the number of people it resonated with as it racked up nearly 10,000 shares.
The father, from Minnesota, wrote how he took his nine-year-old daughter to a coffee shop and brought a newspaper, a notepad and a pen with him.
However, when they arrived, she asked: 'Daddy, can you not read the paper or doodle or check email today? Can we just be together?'.
He obliged and she showed him a yarn project she had been doing, he told her the tale of the day she was born, and they talked about other couples in the restaurant and whether they were on dates.

Mr Rosenman went to pay and while he was at the counter, a woman asked his daughter is he was her father, and left a message face down on his seat for him. 
The note said:  'I work at a school where many daughters don't have father and those who do never in their lives had him watch and listen and devote 100 per cent of their time to her for as long as you did on one Sunday morning.
'You have no idea what a gift you are giving to all the teachers who are responsible for educating her from now until she graduates.'
The note was further reassurance for Mr Rosenman, who vowed to spend even more quality time with his daughter and urged others to do the same.
He wrote: 'Please don’t wait for your child or other loved one to plead for your attention like mine did - he or she might not. Expect that no one will leave a note for you - such beauty in this world is far too rare. I invite you to share the gift of this experience with me: choose to be present today - even for just a little while - for someone you love.'

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